Beautiful, depraved

Intimacy. Debauchery. Irreverence.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Ever so kinky

I like to think I’m a kinky girl in sex – a contrarian in that as well as everything I do. I’ve explored fetish play, girls, many girls and many boys. I like older men most of the time. My fantasies are usually of group sex with unsavory types. I’m a total exhibitionist and my motto is “Anywhere but a bed.”

Well, a new fantasy has shown up, quite perverse for me:

Sex with hot men my own age.

I’m adding it to the list.

I live in a beach town. Any sweltering day will find me bringing my mobile office to the beach and working from there. Or just sleeping in the sun. Sunbathing is one of the few passive things I enjoy doing. Well, sometimes I like being tied up and fucked by several men. Immensely.

I’m lying on my stomach, topless, wearing a tiny little bikini bottom. A man passes by. Okay, not just any man, a perfect specimen of a man - really, if I was inventing a dream lover, this would be him.

He returns, hovering. Smiling at me. Wow, this is all so…obvious. And dream-like. He slowly walks down to the water, looking back at me. I feel like Pan is leading me into the forest.

I get up and follow him.


“Hi,” I smile. “How’s it going?”

“I’m checking you out.” We wade in.

“I noticed.” I slowly tilt my head back into the water to wet my hair. “Swim out with me,” I say.

We dive, we talk. “What do you do?” he asks.

“When I’m not seducing gorgeous men?”

He’s quick to smile and I can’t stop smiling. He oozes, just oozes sensuality. We walk out of the water and his cock is hard, very obvious in his boardshorts. I’m looking down. He smiles.

A little while later we are making out in the bushes. A secret favorite past time of mine. Anything clandestine, a furtive, stolen fuck. Actually, this forest is rather famous for hook-ups, but oh well. He just steps right out of his shorts and his cock is straight, so hard. So inviting.

He stands there, a dark Adonis. Every square inch of him is sculpted perfection, every turn of his body, his face, every lock of his hair. He’s like an apparition.

I’m on my knees, my mouth just lightly brushing the head of his cock, taking forever to plunge him into his mouth. He is salty and wick-ed-ly hard. I may be easy, but I’m not cheap. No, sometimes I’m just plain free.

I’m a little curious about his behavior. “I’m 25,” he says, “I’m in my prime. Sex is natural, it’s healthy.” I’m staring at him a little funny. I’m usually the one saying things like that. Oooo….kay then.

My girlfriend looks on as I punch his number into my phone. When he leaves, she’s looking at me, slightly shocked. “He doesn’t even have to say anything,” she says, shaking her head a bit. “All he has to do is stand there.

“Yeah,” I smile, nodding. “I know.”

These people are all just coming out of the woodwork.

It really is true. Having a goal list is just such an efficient means of getting things accomplished. What did Goethe say about that?

Before you commit, there is hesitation. If you dream you can do something, begin it now, then all the forces of heaven and earth conspire to bring you what you want.

Right now I want lots of gorgeous men with very hard cocks and marathon-worthy stamina.

Guess I’m in my prime.