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Friday, August 07, 2009


The latest issue of F/lthy Gorgeous Th/ngs, which is Release, went live on Saturday (August 1st). With it, we have a new subscription model at $9.95-/month and the option to purchase individual articles and photo sets through a credit system.

I write a weekly column - Sacred, Profane - where I've so far put together a series on Tantra and am now working on a serial that tells the story, essentially, of my sexual awakening in Nymphology. I'd say that my life has been a flow of events that have helped open me, but there was definitely a particular time period where that growth was accelerated.

In the Release issue, I've also written about cervical orgasms in Orgasmapedia. An excerpt:

"I tend to access them through deep love and openness, or through really intense, pounding fucking. The latter are therapeutic in that I feel like something is locked up inside me and I can't reach it through words, or by a name, but if I'm fucked long enough and hard enough then it just tumbles out of me. In grunts, tears and unwinding. I get there through endurance and persistence. I need to have deep, cervical stimulation, usually when I’m being taken from behind, and I’m on my knees."

And I have a piece on the delightfulness of all the fluids we find in the sexual experience: Juice. Of course, I write about my love of come. I'm also fond of sweat and tears, in one big drippy, beautiful, excretory mess.

Needless to say, I'm doing most of my writing over at FGT these days. You'll find me there, and many others, including debauchette, who also has a column. I'll probably still post short notes here occasionally. We always leave a couple of pieces open to the public in each issue, and in this one it's my Juice piece and an interview with Erika Lust. There's a film clip of a very hot film she produced.

Hope to see you there!

Photo: Pierre dal Carso (full set at F/lthyGorgeousTh/ngs)

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