Beautiful, depraved

Intimacy. Debauchery. Irreverence.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cock Love ii. Tales of Legendary Cocks.

I just had sex with the most phenomenal cock I've ever met.

I say 'cock' rather than 'person' because I'm going to venture that the cock is an extension of the man, and this man is a king among men. Alpha male to blast all alpha males. To fuck the source of all that energy - I'm still trembling, stars in my eyes and all a glow. I melt with this man, melt all over his cock. And let his cock melt inside me.

It also happens to be the biggest, most beautifully formed cock I've ever met. I've bragged about this cock - its breadth and responsiveness and how he has to carry it across the room. He never wears underwear. He just lets that magnificent thing swing loose, and able to be plucked freely out of his pants at any time by my mouth.

I'm totally in love.

It's the kind of cock I'd cross continents for. I can barely type, I'm jittery still.

I'd post an image of an almost similar cock, but it just wouldn't do it justice.