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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Savage lust please

debauchette and I are looking for reader submissions for a couple of areas on our new site. Hot, steamy, sweaty, lust and love filled somethings are what we're after. They can be pithy one-liners or paragraphs of seduction, confession or wanting. Perhaps a post (or during) coital snapshot. Be honest and raw. Heartfelt. Or loinfelt as the case may be. Think: a sexual Post Secret.

If you've seen both of our blogs and tumblrs (mine, hers), you have a sense of our aesthetic.

Your submission may be text, video, audio or photographic in format or some combination thereof. Please email to: All personal information will remain in confidence and you may of course submit anonymously, with a pseudonym or receive credit for your entry. Sending us your secret grants us permission to edit, own and use it in the future.

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