Beautiful, depraved

Intimacy. Debauchery. Irreverence.

Monday, June 26, 2006

To do list

- Falling in love with a woman I’m hot for. Maybe a boy-girl – FTM. Very boyish looking tomboy girls – fit, crew cuts, bulging biceps and wife-beaters - girls with strong boy arms and bodies.
- Fucking a room full of men – many variations on this theme:
- I’ve had my car repaired at a seedy garage. I’ve “forgotten my wallet.” I’m suggesting another way to pay. I unbutton my blouse. The manager calls in the other attendants. He locks the door behind them. They take turns fucking me, some of them filming me. They keep me there all night. Until every one of them is absolutely, totally satisfied.
- I go in for an interview as a secretary. I suggest many ways I could perform duties in the office, such as staying late and working LOTS of overtime. My potential boss calls in other associates who line up to be serviced. It takes all night to fuck them. Several times.
- A slave auction. I’m on stage, tied up, my arms above my head. I am naked. People are openly, lustfully staring at my pussy, my breasts. A very crowded room is bidding pathetic amounts for my company for 2 full days and nights. I am finally auctioned off to some sleazy pot-bellied men who drag me out with them. Driving off, they are already groping me and making me suck their cocks and fuck them in the car before we even arrive at some shithole. For two days I am their sex slave; I hardly sleep. I am made to service them constantly. They bring over more friends who I am made to fuck and please around the clock as the rest of them watch.

Writing this and imagining it all is making me so excited, so wet.