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Monday, June 12, 2006

Instigators and Demigods of Sexual Pursuit: #1

I'd like to start a sexual heroes series - a tribute to people who have paved the way to a more erotically open existence. Renegades and pioneers who have made it easier for the rest of us to be the XXX we all really are.

Lalla's Naked Song

There is tell of a mystical Sufi poet named Lalla. She was known for wandering naked, singing, through the 14th century streets of Kashmir. She gave up garments altogether - her body seemed clothing enough. One day she was off to the village well to fetch water. She danced gracefully on the way home, the jar of water balanced on her head. Her husband, seething with envy, tired of her impervious, wanton displays, threw a rock at the jar. It shattered; sending pieces of glass everywhere, but the water remained intact on the top of her head. And Lalla kept singing.


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