Beautiful, depraved

Intimacy. Debauchery. Irreverence.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Girls girls girls

I went to an all girl play party this weekend. I’ve been wanting to explore this particular scenario for quite some time.

The room is ambient, with an Arabian nights theme. Flowing pieces of organza cascading from the ceiling, couches in various corners, candlelight. A small dungeon space is set up in one corner of the room, a dancefloor in the center, and a see-through curtained area with mattresses, sheets, pillows. Women draped everywhere. Some naked, some topless, others in lingerie, latex, a lady cop. In the mattress area, many naked, heaving women. A gorgeous woman with long dark hair to her waist and perfect, full breasts is straddling another. Bodies rolling.

I’m vaguely in huntress mode. As always, I constantly scan the room, narrowing down until I find the person who lights up for me.

“DIRTY LITTLE SLUT” catches my eye. Or at least, that’s the name on her t-shirt. Ah, a woman after my own…heart. I watch her dance for a while.

I lean on a post and keep scanning. I know the kind of boy-girls I like and I haven’t really seen any yet.

Until now.

A group of boy-girls come in, they all have short, shaved hair and baggy clothes. There is one with a very feminine, beautiful face. Think Natalie Portman, post 'V.' She swaggers with the confidence of a teenage boy. I can’t take my eyes off her.

I’m waiting for her to notice me.

I talk to a couple of women. One looks like Erykah Badu with a shaved head. She asks me to dance. The music steps up, a racy techno beat. I'm all legs and hips and ass.

My other girl/boy steps onto the dancefloor with her little posse.

Now she notices me.

I’m wearing a black bustier and little see-through boy panties and tall black boots. I rotate my hips a lot. There is girl-porn playing on a screen behind me: women stripping in sexy lingerie, women and strap-ons. Two girls, one in a little schoolgirl outfit, step into a cage next to me and grind against each other. The schoolgirl is getting her skirt lifted.

My boy/girl moves closer to me on the dancefloor. She doesn’t look at me, but she keeps bumping into me, practically shoving me. I wonder if this girl I’m dancing with can see that I am so distracted.

Erykah asks me if I’d like to join her on the mattresses. We wander over and kneel next to each other, hands gliding over skin. Hands pausing.

I’m aware that I’m really not that hot for her. Not like the swaggering teenage boy. And, as the goal says, I want to be really hot for this girl.

So, I break away. The evening is winding down and finally my boy is on her own. It's now or never. I approach her.

“Hi,” I say.

“Hi.” Big smile.

“I like the way you dance.” Bigger smile.

"I like the way you dance."

I lower my head a little and look up softly. "The way someone inhabits their body tells me a lot about how they'll inhabit mine."

On the way to crossing one off the list. Ah, but still more work to do. A girl must remain steadfast to be productive.