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Intimacy. Debauchery. Irreverence.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Twenty moments of seduction

I believe in the power of the moment. The moment as a portal,
a blueprint for future possibility. A life can begin in a single moment, and end in another one. A decision I make right now can change the course of my entire life. Life is best, at its most acute, when we recognize the power of those moments to alter our course. We rise up to meet a challenge, dare to go for something we really want. I think the art and skill of living an extremely fulfilling life lies in the acted upon courage of those moments.

Hence we embark upon Twenty Moments of Seduction. Little coup d’etats of attraction, of being led over the resistance threshold, the precursors to “Yes.” A collection for you. Starting with:

A moment of truth. (About the author)

“I like sleeping with somebody”
- Anon, 12th century AD

I like sleeping with somebody
It’s nicest when my husband is
In a foreign country
And there’s rain in the streets at night
And wind
And nobody

Translated from Sanskrit


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