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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Internal feng shui

Nicolaa Tamindzic posted this image and quote on his tumblr the other day:

“Your soul is as disheveled as your apartment, and until you can clean it up a little you don’t want to invite anyone else inside.”— Jay McInerney, Bright Lights, Big City (quote via villagevegan)

I like this because one of the things that's given me forward momentum over the past week, is examining the state of my "home" and wondering where there's room for beautification. There's lots of room, of course. I'm scrubbing and mending and washing the debris I've let float in the ethers. It's uncomfortable to take honest stock, but I'd rather be growing than decaying.

And this:

"When love isn't in our lives, it's on its way; that is the nature of the universe. If you know that a special guest is coming at five o'clock, do you spend the day messing up the house? Of course not. You prepare. And that is what we should do for love." -- Marianne Williamson, Enchanted Love