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Sunday, September 21, 2008

The lost art of fingerfucking

It’s the domain of first dates, back seats and outdoor, stolen-moment sex. It’s the almost-fuck, the limbo sex act that lies in the nether regions of foreplay and digits dripping with post-coital fluids. A hand can be even more sentient than a cock (at times). It’s typically faster and more furious than cock. And most importantly, it can hone in on the g-spot immediately.

My g-spot orgasms are brought on most fiercely, breaking down every iota of my resistance, by a strong, steady and relentless hand. Cocks can do it, and hail the ones that can, but there’s a particular charm to three wildly splayed and hyper-kinetic fingers exploding inside me. Or a hand the practically lifts me by the cunt and across half of the bed.

The g-spot is also the home of the female squirting phenomenon. Stimulated in the right way, a woman can emit a small to an outrageous amount of fluid.

In a particularly ironic twist of fate, given our ass-tabooed and largely homophobic culture, the male g-spot, or prostate is located in the ass. The male prostate gland is akin to the female g-spot – it is located about the same distance inside, responds to the same curved finger that coaxes, grows, flicks and at times pounds into submission. It swells when happy, puffing out and hardening, and then finally releasing with its own version of homo triste.

Photo: Bela Borsodi