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Thursday, April 03, 2008

The argument for the ass

There is power in taboo. The sacred. Forbidden. Lucky for us, there are a ton of taboos around sex, making for endless adventures. Each time I shattered a taboo, piercing that particular hymen, something shifted in me. I could let go of one more layer of someone I was supposed to be, and become myself.

Which brings us to the ass.

There’s a fair amount of literature available on how. There’s very little on why. So I present:

The Argument for the Ass.

Ass fucking loosens up all the tightly wound tensions of the day. Even beyond vaginal penetration, there is a sanctity to the ass - it needs to be entered carefully, with respect. With sensitivity. The only way to enjoy anal sex is to let go. If you resist, if you tighten, it will hurt. If you aren’t ready to be entered, not willing to let someone deep, deep inside of you, it will hurt. The beauty of anal sex is that it becomes an physical barometer for intimacy. It’s the last great frontier of exposure, a gauge for openness.

The best anal sex is a step by step communication, a negotiating of boundaries that protect a very tender place. He prods me, I relent. I release and he moves deeper inside of me. Finally he’s in, the last vestiges of his cock, the last vestiges of whatever it is I hold onto are foregone and everything is easy from there. It’s only the journey to that place that’s tough. Beyond it is another realm. It can be unbelievable to feel him fucking my ass as hard as he does, as hard as he dares to, but therein lies the secret of his charm: he dares.

There are times when I feel I can’t reach myself, or something is buried I can’t access. That’s when I really need to get fucked in the ass. I need him, his ability to penetrate me and fuck me open. I need a cock in my ass so that I can forget myself.

There’s a reason why we call people “tight asses.” Well, I have just the remedy for them and their persnicketiness: A fat, fat cock up the ass. It does wonders for peace of mind.

“Beyond control lies God.”

- Toni Bentley in The Surrender (Who, by the way, has written the great ode to ass-fucking).

He flips me around and throws me down onto the bed as soon as I enter.

Anal sex serves the purpose of shaking up all that suppressed shit we don’t let rise to the surface. It’s the underbelly, the unconscious, being dredged up and splayed open. Unveiling. The great gift of cock is its ability to penetrate.

Slowly, steadily and then vigorously plowed. I need him to thrust me into submission, to a place of surrender where I am free from my mind and utterly in my body. Eventually, we get there, together, to an infinite free fall. Where trust and letting go are the only answers and pleasure is sublime.

Photos: Mirela Bratu, Tracey Emin, Uwe Spiller



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Kasia

Just discovered yr blog. Strong stuff. (But you know that.)

We have a couple of things in common. Bali. Osho (whom I knew as Bhagwan, long long ago in Koregaon Park, when Pune was still Poona.)

I'd love to connect with you. Are you willing to share an email address?

Yrs in pervery, Adrian

6/4/08 7:13 PM  
Blogger kasia said...

Hi Adrian,

Thank you. My email address is: It's on my profile page - the "about me" link.


6/4/08 7:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As profoundl real as anything I have ever read about it ....


13/4/08 1:14 PM  
Blogger Miss C said...

You have such a wonderful writing style! I truly enjoy reading. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

I have to agree with you about anal sex. It does require a great deal of communication and is something I can't do with every lover. However, when I am able to submit, it is divine.

16/4/08 9:27 PM  
Blogger RP said...

Brilliant concept.
I love it... "The beauty of anal sex is that it becomes a physical barometer for intimacy".


30/4/08 8:49 AM  
Blogger GentleTiger said...

I am a lifelong exclusively heterosexual, serially monogamous, man. And if numbers were king I'd be beyond extraordinary sex, beyond even an interest in lovemaking. But they're not king. So I'm still hungry, and I feast often.

Only three of my 25 lovers (incl 2 wives) have surrendered their lovely asses to me. When I was 34, my 21-year-old girlfriend C_____ enjoyed it face down and on her back--looking me right in the eye as I eased it in. Oddly, when she realized I was a father figure for her, she stopped liking it--even though we fucked nicely the other way. I wonder...

When I was 49, my 41-year-old lover, (a different) C____--who hadn't had sex with her newly-ex husband (or anyone) for several years--promised, when she finally embraced penetrability, never to say no to me in bed. When I told her one night I wanted to fuck her in her ass (in so many words), she smiled shyly and turned over. I was gentle--at first--then fierce. She was as inexhaustible in the back door as in the front. Once, deliciously shocked, she came while I was up her ass.

And now, the best woman I've ever known, who found me on a dating web site, and whom I plan to marry, will do anything I ask (as I will for her), knowing it will be lovingly and thrillingly accomplished.

I first proposed ass-fucking to S______--who's only a couple of years younger than I am--before we'd even been in the same room, on the phone one night. After a silence, she told me that was filthy and, therefore, such a turn-on (like your comment about the delight of breaking taboos. (The only ones I still honor are sex with children, my mother, men, and 4-legged sisters.)

On our first weekend together, I murmured to her what I was going to do to her, in the order I was going to do it. She gracefully assumed each position in turn. When I oiled my shaft, and introduced it into her ass, she shuddered.

Later, she told me--and has often, since--how much she loved that. I had to promise not to tell her grown children about it. (LOL) Now she wants it more than I remember to do it, since every way of loving her thrills me equally.

4/1/09 2:31 PM  

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